Day 3 – Tokyo Itinerary (Harajuku and Takeshita Street)

November 29, 2019

It was my last day of solo traveling in Tokyo before going to Utsunomiya to visit my aunt and my plan to go to Mt. Fuji for this day was cancelled. I did not take the risk because maybe I will not be able to see the mountain due to the bad weather, I just decided that I will include it on my bucket list if I am going to visit Japan again. So I ended up revising my Day 3 Itinerary for the last minute and here it is.

1. TRY THE CURRY PAN IN ASAKUSA – While I was walking towards the train station, I was intrigued by the large queue near the Asakusa shrine that most of the locals and tourists are buying and I was encouraged to try this Curry Pan for my breakfast at 350 yen. Well, I can say that it was good. 


2. TAKE PHOTOS AT ANY PURI KURA BOOTH IN HARAJUKU – It is a self-service photo booth which has an automated vending machine that you can use your coins to operate with. The booth has its own camera and film processor, so that, you can customize the design of your photos before printing. It is very common among the Japanese students who would like to take photos with their friends and they will exchange the copies after printing. In my case, it was my first time and I was alone, so I had a bit of difficulty operating the machine to the point that I called the staff thrice! Hahaha! First, you have to exchange your bills to 100 yen and insert the coins in any Puri Kura machine that you would like to use. It was 400 yen per session and there was a specific time to finish everything, so the others will be given a chance to use the machines as well. The Puri Kura is located along Takeshita Street near the Meiji-jingu Shrine and Omote-sando area.


3. SHOP AT TAKESHITA STREET – I love this shopping street in Tokyo because there is a lot of stores for “Kikay” items here such as clothes, shoes, jewelries, cosmetic products and even cheap assorted KitKat chocolates! I enjoyed it because I was able to buy a scarf, sweater, jewelries and KitKat chocolates that I can bring back to Dubai.

4. VISIT THE TOKYU PLAZA – I just passed by in this building just to get a good shot of the ceiling which is an instagrammable one. It is attractive because you will see the mirrored reflections of people passing through the intersection. The building has a rooftop terrace with city view and a touch of nature but I was not able to take a look because I have to travel to Utsunomiya by late afternoon.


5. VISIT THE DESIGN FESTA GALLERY – This gallery is a hidden gem in Shibuya area, it was built for supporting the freedom of expression regardless of an artist’s age, nationality or language. They have a lot rooms within the East and West part of the gallery for different kinds of art exhibition, assuring a unique experience for the visitors.


6. TRY THE JAPANESE SPAGHETTI – I had my lunch at Yomenya Goemon Restaurant in Harajuku and it was superb! They have a mouth-watering Japanese Spaghetti that has a sweet and creamy taste. I was tempted to try it when I saw the pasta bowls that were displayed on the glass wall of the restaurant while I was walking around the area. I ordered Carbonara with cheese & bacon and I enjoyed it! The pasta and sauce were perfect!


7. TRY THE SHINKANSEN – It is also known as bullet train because of its high speed for transportation. Initially, it was built to connect distant Japanese regions with Tokyo for the convenience of people instead of taking the bus or driving for longer hours. Everyone must try this train at least once because the cost is worth it!

After I checked out from my hotel in Asakusa, I went to Ueno Station to buy the ticket. It was 4,000 yen for a non-reserved seat. The travel time from Tokyo to Utsunomiya is roughly 50 minutes. It was much comfortable for me than taking the ordinary train for 2.5 hours because I have my luggage with me.

The bullet train has its own lavatory and it was clean. The seats are comfortable and can be reclined, you can charge your phone or laptop, plus you can also eat and drink as long as you will bring your trash with you as you get off the train. You can also use the small cabin near the main door of the train if you are going to make or answer a call because it is disrespectful for the Japanese to be noisy inside the train.

It ends my third day in Tokyo as I arrived safely at my aunt’s place in Utsunomiya and check out my next blog for what we have visited the next day in Nikko.

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